In times of Covid 19:


Your safety and that of our collaborators is our main priority. 
That is why we have developed a Guest Care Program following the indications of health agencies regarding the prevention of COVID-19. 


Customer service / Guest Service online: We offer the option of Check-In / Check-out online. 

Cleaning protocols: We follow strict cleaning protocols following current national regulations. We use disinfectant products in the cleaning of common spaces as well as in the rooms, emphasizing contact surfaces, locks, windows, switches, amenities, etc. 

Personal protection material: Security and disinfection elements available to our guests in the entrances and common areas (alcohol gel). The use of masks is required in common areas. 

Our rooms: (isolated from each other) and common spaces allow a safe distance between passengers. 

Gastronomic services: Our Dining Room and Living Room allow passengers to have sufficient physical distance during the hours of food services. 

Health and safety protocols for Collaborators. All the Lodge team have the necessary material to carry out their work with all sanitary guarantees and are trained in the Hygiene and Safety Protocols to put into practice the procedures stipulated by the national health organizations

BordeBaker Lodge


We are located in Carretera Austral or Austral Highway (Route 7), in the Region of Aysén, Patagonia. On the banks of the Baker River, the most abundant and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Chile, with an intense turquoise color that contrasts with the green of the forests and the ice of the glaciers. Also, this wonderful location gives us insurmountable views towards the mountain ranges of Campos de Hielo Norte, with the Contreras Cord as a protagonist –which can be appreciated from all our dependencies.

The meeting place is the Main House or Casona, built entirely with native wood, which gives a special warmth to all its spaces. There, the terrace and the central fireplace are the places to relax and enjoy the views and our attention.

Thanks to a unique strategy of adaptation to the surrounding environment, the rooms have great independence. Each one is isolated within the forest of ñires, being connected by cypress footbridges to the other rooms and the Main House.

BordeBaker Lodge was designed and built under the premise of Sustainable Development and the promotion of Ecotourism. Therefore, to respect and preserve the environment as much as possible, only native wood from surrounding areas was used for its construction, and the place was intervened as little as possible. Also, we use LED lighting, recycle most of the waste generated, and treat the water.

The kitchen of our Lodge is supplied with fruits and vegetables from vegetable gardens and greenhouses of the sector, which are grown organically by our neighbors. This way, we provide economic support to the community of people living nearby. The dishes are based on Patagonian culinary culture, using local techniques and products. Our attention is warm, attentive, and personalized.

Activities and Excursions


We are surrounded by landscapes of great beauty, of great tourist interest, and easy access. We can coordinate during your stay in activities such as fly fishing (sports with 100% refund), rafting and/or kayaking. Also, we can organize guided tours to places such as Northern Ice Field, Exploradores Bay, Exploradores Glacier, Cochrane and Calluqueo Glacier, Tortel Cove, Villa O’Higgins, among many other amazing places.



Sport Fishing



Horseback Riding

Bird Watching

Cultural Activities

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