Río Baker


We are located on the Baker River, the widest and fast-flowing in Chile, and no doubt one of the most beautiful. Our premises have an unbeatable view of the mountain ranges of the Northern Patagonian Ice Field.



The lodge provides passengers with friendly and simple spaces where they can rest and get together in a quiet, exclusive, high quality atmosphere, and at the same time, find privacy and independence thanks to our building design which strategically adapts to the natural environment. Each room is isolated in a wood of leafy ñires (native wood), and connected to the main premises through walkways.



Lodge BordeBaker was designed to ensure Sustainable Development and encourage Ecotourism. Respecting and preserving our environment, we used only native wood and minimized human intervention. We use LED lighting; and we treat waste waters and most solid organic waste.



Our kitchen supply of fruit and vegetables is organically grown by our neighbors in local gardens and greenhouses. Dishes draw from Patagonian cuisine, traditional techniques and local produce to provide passengers with warm, personalized attention.

Activities | Excursions


Surrounded by landscapes and places of great touristic interest -most within easy reach-, during your stay in our Lodge we offer collaboration in scheduling visits to places such as: The Northern Patagonian Ice Field, the Marble Chapels, Puerto Tranquilo, Bahía Exploradores, Puerto Guadal, Hacienda Chacabuco, Cochrane, Caleta Tortel, Villa O´Higgins, among others.